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“I Will”

“I Will Worship with Others” (chapter 2)

May 6, 2018

This post is meant to help direct your Connect study … These are some of the pastor’s thoughts and insights … ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to speak to you and through you ….

Remember … “I am” will determine “I will” … what is in your heart determines what you do.

Relate the sports analogy from page 25 to introduce the lesson “I will worship with others.”


“True worship flows from the heart in recognition and response to the magnificence of Christ” (Pg. 26, para 1).

“While true worship always manifests itself in the individual’s response to the majesty of God, true biblical worship manifests itself in experience with other believers …” (pg. 26, para 2).

Discuss the following statement – Corporate worship flows from an individual’s personal worship.

Discuss Acts 2:46-47 as it relates to corporate worship…

“They devoted themselves” (speaks to intent … they were intentional as it related to worship … they came to church to WORSHIP)

They brought with them a “joyful” and “humble” attitude.

Focusing on God, and your relationship with Him produces “joy.” B-T-W You don’t go to get joy … you bring it with you.

Discuss “They did not go for a worship experience. They went to experience God in worship” (pg. 27, para 1).

What part does humility play in worship? It recognizes God’s unconditional love, and amazing grace (you deserved nothing). It also enhances the worship experience by accepting this is not all about you, what you want …

They “devoted themselves” … to “praising God.” (worship is intentional)

The joyful atmosphere, the humble environment, and the powerful worship led to “the Lord adding to them those who were being saved.”

How would you say worship today compares to the worship experience in the early church?


Worship, corporate worship is declining (I assume if corporate worship is declining, it is because personal individual worship is also declining).

Why, in your opinion, is corporate worship declining?

Discuss - “Somewhere in the twentieth century, believers, particularly in America, began to shift from an attitude of self-sacrificing service to God an worship of God, to consumer-focused, self-serving attitudes” (pg. 30, para 3).

We have moved from a focus on God to a self-centered focus; how I feel. Worship is not about me, but God. Worship is not generated by external forces (music styles, stage lighting, sermon styles, etc), but internal realities (Who God is in our hearts).

How can you apply what Jesus said in Matthew 15:17-20 to the necessity for things outside of us to create within us, “worship?” (using the negative to reach a positive application)

See: Hebrews 10:25

Discuss John 4:23 ….

(1) God desires worship (when we fail to worship we fail God).

(2) Worship is a spiritual exercise based in truth about God

Discuss the Four Preparations for worship (pages 32-33)

(1) I will attend worship service (commitment)

(2) I will pray before I attend worship service (preparation)

(3) I will pray as I enter the worship center or sanctuary (preparation and expectation)

(4) I will pray that I will be a worshipper instead of a judge (commitment, confession and consideration of others).

Worship is not an obligation, but an opportunity.

Read Revelation 5:1-14 to witness “corporate worship.”

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