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Sunday School Lesson

“A Song of Thanksgiving”

November 26, 2017

Isaiah 12:1-6

Pastor’s Notes:

Isaiah’s song of thanksgiving flows from Israel’s rebellion, God’s mercy and grace, to the nation’s response of public praise and thanksgiving.

Israel responded to God’s blessings with rejection. God responded to Israel’s rejection with judgment tempered with mercy. Forgiveness and mercy flowed to the Nation through God’s love, mercy and grace.

“Aren’t you glad you serve a God Whose justice and judgment are not the end but rather the means to an end?”

God stands ready to forgive AND restore in response to our confession and repentance of sin. (SEE: 1 John 1:9).

There is no sin so BAD that God will not forgive if you are willing to own up to your sin, and turn from it.

Also remember (Hebrews 12:6) that God disciplines those He loves.

“Joyfully draw” is a continuous action … every time I have need I can draw from God’s well of grace and goodness. “Springs” denote a continuous flow; endless availability.

What we have received/experienced we must share so as to encourage others and give honor and glory to God.

*A part of your testimony is that you were a SINNER, but God loved you anyway, forgave you, and received you into His forever family.

Thank God for His mercy and comfort (Isaiah 12:1-2).

“On that day” is most likely a reference to the Nation’s restoration from exile. Judah’s rebellion against God brought God’s judgment resulting in their captivity to Babylon (70 years). At the end of the 70 years, as God had promised through His prophets, Judah was allowed to return to Jerusalem.

Remember, judgement is not the end, but the means … Israel’s repentance led to their restoration.

NOTE – The Hebrews acknowledged their failures (The first step to forgiveness is confession and repentance).

Our “comfort” is found in our relationship with God

They acknowledged God’s deliverance …. And pledge their faith in and loyalty to Jehovah God. The Lord would be the source of all they needed: their strength, their song, and their salvation.

Take joy together in the Lord’s promise of salvation (Isaiah 12:3).

“You will” confirms God’s promise of deliverance to the Hebrews in captivity

“Joyfully draw” is a continuous activity. The joy of salvation is an on-going experience.

This verse speaks of the abundance and availability of God’s eternal spring of salvation.

The joy of the Lord is an ongoing experience tied to God’s forgiveness and restoration

CONSIDER THIS STATEMENT - “Sometimes I get discouraged to the point of depression when I consider my past sins, but when I remember that God has not only forgiven me, He has forgotten my sin and restored my fellowship with Him, I have joy.”

Proclaim the glory and greatness of God all over the earth (Isaiah 12:4-6).

“and on that day” – the day of deliverance and restoration.

Speak thanksgiving to Him. Praise His name!

Share what He has done for you with others … tell the world of the greatness and goodness of God.

The responsibility of the “redeem” is to worship and witness.

At the core of worship is the person and works of God.

Theological Theme: Gratitude to the Lord for salvation leads to public proclamation of His glory and grace.

Christological/Christ Connection: Isaiah was looking forward to the eventual deliverance of Israel and restoration. Believers today look back at the death and resurrection of Jesus which made possible the forgiveness of sin and the restoration of sinful man to a holy God.

Missional Application: God has called the believers to witness His mercy and grace among the nations.

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