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Pastor’s Connect Blog

“I Will”


April 22, 2018

This post is meant to help direct you Connect study … These are some of the pastor’s thoughts and insights … ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you and through you relevant truths and insights ….

Some questions to consider as you approach this study: (1) How would you describe God’s view of a “church member?” (2) Who is “somebody else” (the person everyone else is always depending on to get things done)? (3) If you looking for a new church to join what three things would determine your choice (example: preaching, friendliness, programs, etc.)?

Do you understand why Heather was no longer happy wither church membership? If church membership is about personal preferences, meeting my needs, there will always come a point where the church no longer meets your expectations.

The number one reason for church feuds results from a failure to meet someone’s personal preferences. B-T-W Selfishness is a sin.

If church membership was based on giving rather than receiving how do you think the church would look?

Discuss the statement on page 4, paragraph 5: “I don’t know why you’re always talking about people who aren’t members of this church. This is our church, and our needs come first.” (What is the glaring problems with this statement having to do with possession and purpose?)

Church or Country Club – The Country Club is about being served, while the Church is about serving.

Discuss the Nine Ways to Drive Away First Time Guests and rate FBC Atkins (be honest and discuss how we need to change)

How would our church change is we adopted the attitude “I will, rather than I want.”

Discuss Philippians 2:1-8.

Why do many have a negative view of churches?

Pray that God will help us individually and corporately to be the Church seeking to serve rather than be served.

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