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"The God Who Whispers" Gospel Project Lesson for September 11, 2016

Historical Context …

Political Unrest - military intrusions by Syria into Northern Kingdom (Israel).

Spiritual Conflict – The Northern Kingdom (located in Samaria) were worshipping false gods (Baal and Asherah) resulting in God’s hand of judgment

*America, once a nation of God, finds itself in spiritual conflict, choosing the gods of this world over Creator God … how long, if not already, before God’s hand of judgment falls upon this country.

Backdrop to the story …

Elijah’s victory over the prophets of Baal … a test by fire (1 Kings 18)

Jezebel’s, Queen of Israel, wife of Ahab, threat against Elijah

Elijah flees for his life

*Victory is ultimately measured beyond the event ... what should have emboldened Elijah’s faith left him fearful

*Also know that every victory is followed by a test of faith

*Celebrate your victories while preparing for what will most surely follow

Notes …

Don’t trust your feelings … put your faith in the promises of God … Remember even in our unfaithfulness God remains faithful to His Word to us.

Fear leads to frustration which leads to disappointment, discouragement and depression (Elijah wanted to die)

Depression attacks us physically, emotionally and spiritually (Weakness in any one area of our lives will affect all areas of our lives)

Depression blames others, self, and even God (often associated with depression is anger, guilt, abandonment, and an accusatory attitude).

Depression serves to isolate the individual … causes one to feel alone

God is gracious even in our failures (He provided for Elijah’s physical needs and gave him a new commission)

Don’t wait for the spectacular to experience God; He is most often found in the small things of life … as a church we would do well to focus more on the small things rather than the spectacular (the fire, the storm, the earthquake were all associated with the presence of God).

God is a God of second chances.

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