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Sunday School Lesson

“Jesus Turns Water to Wine”

July 16, 2017

John 2:1-12

Quick Facts:

Miracles violate the normal laws of nature; they are unexpected and unexplainable.

Jesus’ act of turning water to wine does not in any way embrace the consumption of alcohol; however, it does raise the discussion of “what is permissible?”

Pastor’s Notes:

This was the first miracle after the calling of the disciples, and may have been more for them than it was for the marriage celebration (See verse 11).

The miracle was a response to a human insufficiency; a response to a specific need. Jesus healed the leper, He raise Jairus’ daughter, He fed the 5000, He calmed the sea, in response to a specific need. The miracle was specific to the need.

The miracle of Christ were meant to demonstrate not only what He could do (His power) but who He was (His person).

Note the simple faith of the servants … they did what He said without explanation (consider what would have happened if the water had remained water).

Faith is responding to the Lord in obedience.

Application … the miracle of Jesus demonstrates His ability to provide quantity and quality ... the wine was sufficient and superb. The greatest miracle performed specific to our need is salvation where Jesus changed the quality of our life (from sinner to saint), and the quantity (from death to eternal life).

*Wine was a common drink

Does the Bible allow the consumption of alcohol? Some things to consider:

While there appears to be no specific absolute command for prohibition, there is sufficient cause to conclude that believers should restrain from the consumption of alcohol.

1. Scripture – The Old Testament contains several references to the demise of drunkenness (See Proverbs 20:1, 21:17, 23:20-35)

2. Paul refers those guilty “drunkenness” as not entering the “kingdom of heaven” (See 1 Corinthians 6:9-10).

3. What may be permissible (moderate consumption of alcohol) may also lead others to drunkenness (See Romans 14:21; 1 Corinthians 8:9, 13).

4. To guard your testimony you should “abstain from all appearance of evil” (1 Thessalonians 5:22).

5. Rather than consume and controlled by alcohol, be consumed and controlled by the Spirit (Ephesians 5:18).

Jesus’ miracles were a response to human need (John 2:1-5).

“wedding feast” – Often a seven day even of celebration

Mary may have been a relative or friend who had some responsibility to oversee the celebration

“Jesus and his disciples” – Though a short time had elapsed from the first call of the disciples they were already being recognized as “his.”

DISCUSSION – When people refer to you, do they associate you as a follower of Christ?

To run out of wine would have been a serious breach of hospitality …

Mary approach to Christ indicates she knew Jesus would be able to resolve the problem … Mary, why still processing what she knew to be true about Christ, knew He had the power to alter the situation

Jesus response to His mother … He was not ready to reveal Who He was and what purpose He had come.

Jesus’ miracles communicated the nature of His identity (John 2:6-10).

The six stone water jars were for ceremonial cleansing/purification. They contained approximately 20-30 gallons

Notice Jesus didn’t command the water be wine, or touch the jars … He simply instructed the servants to fill the jars with water and then to draw out the water and take it to the one in charge of overseeing the distribution of the meals and beverages.

The headwaiter touted the quality of the wine, and congratulated the “groom” for saving the best for last.

The headwaiter, not his first event, expected the latter wine to be inferior to the first. He knew from experience that the best was utilized first, and after much drinking, when the guests would not taste the difference, the worst would be served.

Jesus provided both the quantity of wine needed, and the quality.

APPLICATION – Jesus can take the worst of sinner and transform their lives into what can only be described as a miracle. You are one of those miracles.

Jesus’ miracles displayed glory and strengthened faith (John 2:11-12).

Jesus used miracles to meet specific needs and to reveal Who He was. The disciples’ faith was strengthened because of what they witnessed

NOTE – What we go through and how Jesus ministers to our specific needs is meant to bring Him glory and grow/increase our faith.

Give a testimony of how Jesus met a need in your life and how you grew spiritually as a result…

Theological Theme: Miracles pointed to the Person and power of the Lord.

Christological/Christ Connection: Jesus is able to change a sinner’s life because of His death, burial and resurrection.

Missional Application: As we are obedient to what Jesus tells us to do we reveal to others Who He is and are instrumental in their spiritual journey of faith.

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