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Pastor's Sunday School Blog

Sunday School Lesson

“Spirit-Empowered Ministry in Jesus Name”

December 10, 2017

Acts 3:1-10; 4:5-31

Pastor’s Notes:

“A man who was lame from birth” … Hopelessness only exists apart from faith in God.

Right place … wrong reason … May we invite the hopeless and the hurting to our churches where they can meet the One, the Only One who can meet their needs.

The greatest gift we possess is not physical or financial but spiritual … the gift of life through Jesus Christ.

A real encounter with Jesus Christ produces change.

What has happened on the inside will be seen on the outside.

It is not what we can do, but rather, what can be done through us.

It wasn’t that they resented the miracle performed by Peter and John, it was that they gave credit to the Lord Jesus Christ… what many in our world reject is not our ministry but our Messiah

Threatened if they continued to acknowledge the power of Christ, Peter and John responded, we cannot be silent

Note – Peter and John didn’t ask that God would remove the threats, but rather that He would grant them boldness in the circumstances to proclaim Jesus.

The “filling of the Holy Spirit” produces boldness.

God’s people do good deeds and give glory to Jesus (Acts 3:1-10; 4:5-12).

I find it challenging that Peter and John attended the local temple even though their presence would not have been appreciated.

The “lame man” represents those who are helpless and hopeless.

Thankful for the men who brought the lame man to the temple.

While the church is to be charitable ministering to the needs of people, our greatest resource is Jesus Christ.

There is power in Jesus Christ to meet anyone’s needs … the greatest need, is the need for eternal life.

Discuss … Conversion absent change is not conversion.

Why is change important to those who view our lives?

Whatever good we do we must acknowledge Jesus giving Him the praise.

Peter turned the situation into an opportunity to share a witness of Jesus Christ.

Discuss why there is no other plan of salvation other than faith in Christ (Acts 4:12).

God’s people reserve ultimate allegiance for Jesus (Acts 4:13-22).

The religious leaders recognized that Peter and John were not rabbinical trained.

They also realized that these men had been with Jesus; they were followers/disciples of Jesus.

They could not deny reality. As believers we need to live honestly and openly our faith witnessing the power and the presence of Christ.

It’s okay if we do good, so long as we do good without acknowledging Jesus.

Here is the question: Is it ever right to disobey God?

May we live such a life as to refute any accusation against our Savior.

God’s people pray and preach with boldness (Acts 4:23-31).

Note – Even though they had been persecuted they didn’t blame God, or complain.

The disciples acknowledged to live for the Lord is to live in persecution.

Remember, Jesus said, the world hated Him, and therefore, would hate His followers.

If they crucified the Messiah, why not the followers?

They didn’t ask God to remove the source of suffering, but rather, that He would give them strength to remain steadfast in their faith.

They prayed … God responded … they were filled with the Spirit and bolding proclaimed Jesus, preaching the Word of God.

Theological Theme: The truth of the Gospel is spread by the witness of Christ’s followers.

Christological/Christ Connection: Filled with the promise of Christ, the Holy Spirit, the disciples began proclaiming Jesus as Lord and Savior. In the Name of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit, the disciples demonstrated the power of God by ministering to the needs of people.

Missional Application: Believers are to follow the example of the early Christians and boldly proclaim Christ to a lost world, ministering to the needs of people in the name of Jesus.

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