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Pastor's Sunday School Blog

Sunday School Lesson

“Toward Love in Action”

April 8, 2018

1 John 3:10-18

Pastor’s Notes (Some additional thoughts for your Sunday school lesson):

With so much hatred in the world, especially animosity for believers, may love flourish among the family of faith.

Love goes beyond, “I love you,” to what ca I do for you.

It is a privilege to minister to the needs of others because in so doing you exemplify and honor the Lord Jesus.

Be vigilant to see those around you and how you can minister to them.

If your heart is filled with animosity toward a brother or sister you might question your relationship with the God of love.

If God is powerful enough to convert your soul, He is powerful enough to change your heart.

The way of the world is marked by hatred (1 John 3:10-13).

This is not a license to judge someone, or to be judgmental, as to their relationship with God, but is a descriptor of the true believer, what he is and what he is not.

“obvious” – simple to recognize …

These are not random, but habitual acts. The character or conduct of one’s life. If you habitually do that which opposes the teachings of God you are not a Christian; if you are constantly or consistently displaying acts of hatred toward your family of faith then you are not a Christian.

This teaching originates in God … it is the unchanging truth … Loving one another fulfills the Word of God … Loving God and loving others comprise the Great Commandment … Loving others exemplifies God, for God is love.

Cain, dominated by Satan and selfish desires out of jealousy, murdered his brother … John argues that Cain did what Cain was, or as Christ taught, what is on the inside will manifest itself outwardly.

In a world which hates the believer, we should seek to increase our love for the family of faith.

PRAYER – God help me to love as you love … let your love flow through me to others … especially those of the family of faith.

If we don’t love each other then who will?

The way of the church is marked by love (1 John 3:14-15).

The evidence of our conversion is our “love” for each other. While it is not the only proof, loving each other offers assurance of our relationship with Christ… from the negative point of view – hatred, the absence of love is an indicator of a false faith.

If hatred consumes us then we are not redeemed.

Like Cain, hatred is a form of murder (harming an individual by what you do or fail to do).

If you demonstrate consistent hatred absent consistent love for other believers then you are guilty of spiritual murder and are condemned by God as “NOT HIS”

You are not saved by loving others, but if you are saved you will love others!!!

The way of love is marked by action (1 John 3:16-18).

The example of the love – Jesus laying down His life for us. In the same way we should be willing to sacrifice for the good of others. Remember … Cain’s example is selfishness/Christ’s example is selflessness.

Your sufficiency’s for the insufficiencies of others is a God- thing. We are blessed to be a blessing.

To habitually withhold from others what we have is to fail to demonstrate the love of God and brings into question the validity of our relationship with God.

Love is not what we say, but what we do. Our actions verify our words.

Theological Theme: Love for God and love for others is real Christianity.

Christological/Christ Connection: Christ demonstrated His love, not by His words alone, but by His selfless act of sacrifice.

Missional Application: Watch for opportunities to minster to the needs of others and by doing so witness the love of Christ.

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